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Mr. Windows & Doors of Houston Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Some people say that running a successful business is simply a matter of supply and demand. While there is some truth to that, any business owner knows that they don’t reach their ten-year anniversary without maintaining a reputation for honesty and quality.

Today, as we turn the corner into September of 2018, we’re not only looking at how Mr.Windows & Doors made it to the ten-year mark. We’re also going to see what has made us one of the best window and door companies for Houston-area homeowners.


10 Years of Providing the Perfect Window & Door Solution

The goal has never been to create the largest window and door company in Houston. In fact, this dedication to providing the best service and product means we will never be the biggest. We always knew that being big means sacrificing a personal touch and resorting to low quality, mass marketed products.

Here’s an example of what sets Mr. Doors and Windows apart from the rest:

As any native Texan knows, sweltering temperatures routinely degrade the buildings and structures throughout the state of Texas, and causing energy bills to spike during the hot summer months.

But back in 2008, when Mr. Windows and Doors began competing with other Houston companies, the options available for great looking, energy-saving windows were few, and they were expensive.

Our persistence to providing the best products backed by the best warranties has paid off, and now Mr. Windows & Doors Houston is the “go to” team for quality, energy efficient installations.


Here are a few other great reasons why Mr. Windows and Doors’ personal touch and attention to detail puts us miles ahead of the “big guys”:


  • New design resources bring your window or door dreams to life. The design team at Mr. Windows and Doors of Houston can work with you one-on-one to develop your vision of the perfect window or door solution.
  • A broader selection of products means a better fit for your home. Due to the variety of options available to you, there are literally thousands of unique window and door combinations to choose from.
  • Every window and door is backed with a full lifetime installation warranty. Mr. Windows & Doors stands confidently behind every project we complete, from the removal of your old windows to the ongoing service and support.
  • New financing options make it easier to get your windows or doors installed sooner than later. You could be saving big bucks every month with more energy efficient windows and doors, and the financing options available to you make it a cinch to get started.


If you talk to Mr.Windows customers, you will quickly realize that they’re working with Houston’s best window and door company. In many ways, this is because they are getting 10 years of experience backing the labor and servicing that is all part of the complete Mr. Windows & Doors promise.


Here’s to Another 10 Years of Excellence

Look, we’ve all been there when it comes to having shoddy work done on our homes from cookie cutter installers who have no interest in building relationships.

Mr.Windows founders knew from that start that to maintain the reputation as being the best window and door company, they needed to constantly be giving their customers more value, more selection, more options, and more savings.

It’s no secret that they work every single day to earn and keep business – so, when the time comes for you to choose your replacement window or door installer, just know that there’s a good reason Mr. Windows and Doors has been around for ten years.

We’re dedicated to making the next ten years just as successful as the last ten, but the most important thing is making people happy. Always excited to communicate and create a connection, the Mr. Windows and Doors family is there to answer any questions you have, even if you just need a bit of advice from a professional.

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