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Don Young Windows sets out to make the most efficient, easy to clean, durable, and maintenance-free windows possible. From thick aluminum walls, which provide the best choice for strength and durability, to a powder coat paint finish. Tough enough to stand up against the Houston summer and the coldest of winters.

The sill section is substantially strong than most windows on the market today. A feature that is especially important in supporting heavy insulated glass.

Aluminum Comparison

3.4 times strong than vinyl and 43 times stronger than wood.

Don Young Aluminum Windows Features

  • Ultra-efficient insulated barrier used in frames and sashes dramatically reduces HEAT & COLD transfer through the aluminum, an exceptional insulator like wood and vinyl but with the durability of aluminum
  • Heavy-duty metal spiral balances for dependable smooth maintenance-free operation. No ropes or pulleys to wear or break.
  • Saftey tilt latch allows the sash to tilt in for easy cleaning. Safety lock prevents children from inadvertently tilting the window.
  • Thermally insulated glass system with an advanced non-conductive edge spacer retards heat and cold transfer through the edge of the glass for additional energy savings.
  • Patented weather-stripping with a mylar-fin barrier on two sides of sash gives double protection against wind, dust, airborne allergens, and noise pollution.
  • The interlock system locks both sashes together to prevent high windows from separating sashes, provides a tighter seal and added security.
  • Aluminum glazing bead holds up against the sun’s damaging UV rays, will not crack and warp like common plastic glazing beads. Premium glazing beads eliminate the possibility of air and water damage.

Color Options

  • White, Tan, Bronze, Black and Silver

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