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What does it mean when we say “the right windows” for your house? Windows are windows, right? Not exactly.


Perhaps you’ve lived in your house so long that you forgot how great windows are supposed to appear. Do they streak? Are they drafty? Cloudy on a sunshiny day? In short, are you sick of your windows? You are not alone. More and more people are turning to Mr. Windows for a better view of the world around them, and so can you.

Replacing your windows can be easy with our expert consultants ready to help you make the perfect selection for your needs. But before we get to that, do you know what to ask?

Answering some basic questions is an excellent way to understand what window replacement involves and why choosing the right ones is so important.

We don’t all live in the same location, and we don’t all have the same needs. While some may think beauty and resale value, others may want more comfort and economical options. In this case, choosing the right windows is worth doing your homework.

One question leads to another and yet another, which hopefully leads us to the right decision. 

So where do we start? With the basics, because even the simplest question can lead to answers with long-term effects. 

Here are a few starting questions:

What Do I Need? 

  • Maybe you should first ask yourself why you are replacing your windows. Do you have old wood windows that leak, stick, and rattle? Are your current windows unappealing, maybe made of corroded aluminum? Do they let water and wind into your home during our tropical storms? Are you selling your home and want to improve its curb appeal?  
  • What kind of windows are most effective in the Houston, TX climate? You probably don’t need three panes of glass between you and the outdoors unless you are in the frozen north. However, you do need windows with excellent efficiency. Here’s what to know so you’re not confused during your search:

U-factor, or U-value. This range is usually between 0.20 and 1.20. If you need your window efficiency to keep in the heat, look for the lower numbers. 

Solar heat gain coefficient. While it doesn’t sound like wiggle room, the range is between 0 and 1. Naturally, warmer climates call for lower numbers, while colder ones call for a higher number. If you need your windows to block unwanted heat from the sun, look towards the lower range. 

From 0 to 1, visible transmittance measures how much visible light enters a window. In general, a higher number means more light passes through the glass.

What Can I Afford?

Again, think about why you’re replacing your windows.  

  •  Did you move into an existing home only to find that the windows aren’t functional? If you’re planning to live there for years, it makes sense to invest in excellent windows.
  • Are you selling a house and need to improve the appearance? You want windows that match the style of the home, look good, and work well, but installing top-of-the-line custom windows doesn’t always make sense.
  • Are you replacing your worn windows, the ones that let too much sun, wind, and rain into the house? Or is it part of a more extensive remodeling effort? All options are open to you. You’ll need windows that work well and look good. 
  • What is your working budget, and what costs make sense, based on the age and condition of your home? Be aware of the options available, as well as the temptations you’ll find at any replacement window company. Check the ratings carefully – the most expensive window is not necessarily the one for your needs.

choosing windows

Beyond The Basics – Some Things to Consider When Choosing Windows

  • Materials: vinyl windows are usually less expensive than wood, but colors are limited. Wood windows are the “gold standard,” but they can be pricey.  
  • Performance: you need to understand the efficiency ratings, which are very important here in Houston. Your new windows must protect your home, belongings, and family from Houston’s tropical storm threats. Buying a cheap window can cost more in the long run as your windows leak and the UV rays fade your furniture.  
  • Maintenance: wood windows need to be painted every few years, while vinyl windows don’t. The glass panes of windows that tilt in can be cleaned from inside the house, which is a significant advantage on upper floors. 
  • Style: match your windows to your home. We’ve all seen traditional homes marred by single pane ultra-modern windows that look out of place. Think also about your current windows, which may be odd sizes. What will look better, perform better, and cost less: a custom window made specifically for your opening or a standard window adapted to a non-standard opening? 
  • Watch the options. Would a triple-glazed window save you money? Could it withstand severe weather conditions in Houston? Are there screens or tilting options you can add for easier maintenance? Will you need additional security? With added options, the cost of windows can rise by 50 percent or more even if you choose budget-friendly windows. 

When Choosing Windows, Consider The Following:

  • Generally, replacing a window on the ground floor of any building is less than replacing a window in the basement or upstairs.
  • Often, older homes have non-standard window sizes and structural problems that need addressing before installing new windows, which can increase costs.
  • Window frames that require additional insulation will increase labor costs.
  • The type of glass itself can affect the price of a window and its style. Tinted, tempered, and safety glass is more expensive than standard glass, and more oversized or unusually sized windows will incur additional costs. A double-pane window consists of two layers of glass and is more expensive than a single-pane window, but they are much more effective at blocking sound, heat, and cold air.

You can see the issues and the amount of thought needed to make a sound economic decision. You can also see why it’s worth your time to contact Mr. Windows. We are a family-owned company that understands your need for honest, cost-effective recommendations as well as excellent quality. 

Our experts will guide you from dreaming about your project to the installation of windows you can trust and enjoy for years to come. Give Mr. Windows a call today. You’ll never find us trying to sell you windows just because we have them on hand. We install windows that improve your quality of life. That’s our vision. We are sure it will be yours too.

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