Cutting Electricity Costs with Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

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Energy Efficient Windows and Doors in Houston
Energy Efficient Windows and Doors in Houston

Cutting Electricity Costs with Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Ready to cut energy costs and improve the look of your home at the same time?

Worldwide, the demand for energy efficient windows and doors is at an all-time high.

Everyone seems to agree that the effectiveness of your replacement windows and doors has a direct impact on the comfort of your home – and the size of your monthly electricity bill.

Wherever heat and cold can get into your home, you can be sure it will. By the same token, wherever there are holes for your air conditioning or heating to escape, they will.

So, for the homeowner, keeping utility costs down is a two-way battle, involving keeping the weather outside and your own, climate-controlled atmosphere inside.

Here’s the trouble with this:

There are many opportunities for either of these needs to go wrong. Your home’s structures – including the roof, walls, doors, windows, vents, outlets, and beyond – are part of the protective shell in which you and your family live.

However, when it comes to keeping the weather out and a comfortable environment in, many of these can also represent weak spots.

This is especially true that for people who live in Houston, doors and windows play a major role in keeping costs down and comfort up.

Most walls and roofs today have built-in insulation, even if they haven’t been specially built for that task. But doors and windows can drastically improve or increase your electricity costs, based on the materials they are made of, and how they are secured into your home.

If either is thin or transparent or if not fitted with forethought and care, they can present major problems. Thus, when considering ways to reduce energy costs, it’s crucial to properly incorporate energy efficient windows, Houston.

Use Insulated Frames

I often tell customers that, “A window is only as good as its frame.”

Window frames should be made of the best insulating materials, which are vinyl and fiberglass.

These durable materials handle the harsh Houston summers very well, and they are strong, in the face of stormy weather.

Vinyl frames are listed by the United States Department of Energy as a great energy-saving choice, largely due to their chemical makeup.

What you may know simply as PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is combined with ultraviolet light stabilizers, to keep the sun’s harsh rays from breaking down the material. Vinyl frames can also have insulation added, for extra protection and money savings.

Fiberglass frames offer the same insulation capabilities, and they are the newest members to the party when it comes to framing options.

As the glass in windows expands and contracts, due to rising and falling temperatures, fiberglass doesn’t warp, as some older options, like wood, can.

Another great part about fiberglass frames are that they are basically maintenance-free, saving you time and toil, in the long run.

Wood also has insulating properties, but it does not fare well in our harsh Texas climate, where it is subject to warping, swelling and rotting.

We definitely don’t recommend using wood frames, as you will soon find yourself replacing them (and ultimately, losing money).

Install Windows and Doors Correctly (the First Time)

It’s always cheaper to get it right the first time.

When fitting windows, Houston residents need to be very aware that the quality of the installation can make all the difference when it comes to the efficiency of your windows.

You might purchase an expensive, nice window, but if it’s installed poorly, you’ll spend twice the cost of the window on energy bills.

Windows should have an airtight fit, where the window meets the wall, and should be properly sealed, to avoid air leakage.

As with energy efficient windows, it’s key that doors are also installed correctly.

At Mr. Windows, we understand the importance of this task, and we ensure your door is tightly sealed to the door frame, to minimize air movement between the inside of your home and the outside.

Choose Fiberglass or Steel Doors

Let’s not forget your doors.

If your current entry doors are old, worn, not insulated, or not properly sealed against the outside environment, they’re going to let the weather in and your conditioned air out.

Remember when your mother would remind you to “keep the front door closed,” to avoid wasting money? Using the right materials boils down to the same thing.

Steel and fiberglass doors in Houston offer the best protection against the heat and the cold and are simply more effective than wooden doors.

Beyond this, opt for Energy Star compliant doors, like those Mr. Windows offers, as they have tighter-fitting frames and energy-efficient cores.

We source our replacement windows and doors from the best manufacturers in the country.

In fact, we only supply and install energy efficient windows.

Understanding that these few simple decisions can have a major impact on your monthly bills can help you make smart choices and investments.

If you choose to work with us, rest assured that we’ve done our homework, to help you and your family reduce your electricity costs, so you can focus on the important things in life.

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