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Harvey, Allison, Claudette, and Ike: all of these names are associated with massive storms that ravaged Texas, leaving behind lost lives, property, livelihoods. 

To date, the deadliest was the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, when the mass communication of the internet superhighway could not forewarn those in its path. 

History Repeats Itself

In Houston, hurricanes are a sure thing. If you’ve lived through one of these monstrous storms, you know the pit you get in your stomach when you see people boarding up their homes and businesses. When the Weather Channel announces evacuation routes and the location of shelters, it’s in your best interest to heed the warning.

Because of its location on the Texas Gulf Coast, Houston can expect hurricanes and storms every year. Living in a hurricane-vulnerable zone requires continual adaptations and not merely prepping for a single storm. 

But how do you fight Mother Nature?

The truth is, you can’t. You can’t keep a storm from coming. What you can do is be ready. Planning is better than recovering, and with help from the Hurricane Prediction Center, you can safeguard your family and property. But how? 

Consider the Myths:

  • Taping windows prevents breakage. No, it just creates BIG pieces of broken glass.
  • Cracking windows equalizes pressure. No, it just lets water into your home.
  • Boarding all windows isn’t needed – only the ones facing the water. Wrong! The winds will come from all directions as the storm moves.  
  • Leaning on windows will help. No, the storm is more powerful than you.

Short of moving, is there anything you can do? Well, yes. 

hurricane preparedness

Take Action 

That’s right, take action. What do you need to prepare for both the short term (this hurricane season) and years to come? Here are a few ideas:

  • Your insurance company may qualify you for a discount by improving the hurricane-resistance of your windows.
  • Check seals around the windows and repair as needed.
  • Clean your yard. Look around for loose items/potential projectiles: not just lawn furniture, but umbrella poles, propane tanks, even cooking utensils.
  • Shutters, window film, or plywood will help protect your house, but they all have disadvantages: they don’t stop the wind from blowing in the entire window in the frame.
  • You can’t live with your windows eternally covered with plywood.
  • Shutters are tremendously expensive and outdated.
  • Your best option is to opt for hurricane-rated windows. High-impact windows have two panes separated by a plastic layer.

Protect Your Essentials with Hurricane Preparedness

  • Assemble an emergency kit. Pack a container with extra supplies—food, water, medications, flashlights, batteries, and clothes. Keep your supply box within reach by the door, so it’s ready to grab at a moment’s notice. 
  • Documents. Keep more than one copy of your essential papers in more than one location.
  • Electronics. When you know a storm is imminent, secure what you can in a waterproof container.
  • Move delicate items to rooms without windows.
  • Get furniture, especially upholstered, up off the floor.
  • Do you have a generator? Does it work, and does it have enough fuel? Now is the time to double-check that your backup will work.
  • What about your pets? Which shelter will take them?

Consider Your Current Windows for Hurricane Preparedness

Violent storms seem to love Houston. And why not? There’s a lot to love about Houston.

Despite the inclement weather that knocks on your door, there are so many reasons to live in Houston. However, you don’t want gale-force winds and downpours coming in through the windows.

The big challenge is finding windows that will withstand Houston’s storms but not make your house look like Fort Knox. Everyone wants their house to look welcoming, with curtains and blinds that let the sun in and keep the winter chill out. But when your windows no longer do the job, it’s time to think about replacement.

Of course, the most important reason to replace windows in the Houston area is to protect your property. Also, if you decide to put your house on the market, new windows can be an excellent selling point.

If you’ve thought about updating your home, then you are not alone. Many people give their property a facelift while giving it some TLC. 

One way of looking at it: what’s wrong with having something new? When you look at your life and how hard you work, you deserve to come home to a beautiful house.

Unfortunately, many homeowners avoid installing new windows. First, they fear the dent in their bank account. Second, shopping for windows isn’t something you do every day; it’s an alteration you’ll live with for a long time. The thought of getting it wrong is overwhelming, so you’d best select the right ones – which is why seeking the services of Mr. Windows experts is an intelligent choice. 

A professional replacement window company is your best resource for attractive windows that enhance your home’s design while protecting your family and possessions. 

Mr. Windows and Doors of Houston is a family-owned business. We understand that safety is your first priority, because it’s ours too. 

Give Mr. Windows a call today; the best time to be proactive against hurricanes is before disaster comes calling. 

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