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If you’ve lived in Houston long enough, you have experienced a hurricane. While the region isn’t hit with a hurricane every year, they do strike occasionally and can be very damaging. A study by Rice University estimated that a major hurricane hits Houston every nine years. Some experts are predicting more frequent Houston hurricanes in the future due to climate change. As the last hurricane to strike the region in 2017, Hurricane Harvey was an intense category 4 storm that made landfall in Texas and Louisiana. The hurricane ended up leading to over 100 deaths and around $1.25 billion in damages. 

Hurricane Windows

Most Houstonians do everything they can to protect their homes from potential hurricanes. The last thing anyone wants is to see their windows and roofs destroyed due to a storm. Broken windows during a hurricane are not only costly, but they can also be dangerous. Shards of glass can cause injuries, and homeowners with young children and pets need to be especially careful. Hurricane windows are a feature every home in Houston should have. These windows are strong and can withstand high winds and flying debris. So what exactly are “hurricane windows”? Why should you think about getting them installed, and who offers installation and window replacement in Houston

Benefits of Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows are much stronger than regular windows. Mr. Windows, a window replacement company in Houston, offers “Windstorm” windows, which are some of the strongest hurricane windows in the world. These windows were extensively tested and proven to withstand multiple hits from heavy debris without shattering or breaking. Also, they can withstand extreme pressure changes without breaking. If you have older windows or windows that are standard vinyl or single pane, it’s time to look into hurricane windows. Give yourself peace of mind when the next hurricane arrives that your windows are strong, sturdy, and can hopefully withstand the storm. Hurricane windows will protect the inside of your home and keep you and your entire family safe.

Hurricane Window Features

Hurricane windows have unique features that make them stronger and more durable than regular windows. Some of the features include:

Strong tilt latch

When the window is locked, the tilt latch is deep within the wall studs, making it super reinforced and protecting it from damage.

Corrosion-resistant locks

Standard two, marine-grade locks that won’t rust over time. 

Balance system

No adjustments needed since the sash moves easily on coil springs.

Heavy-duty frame

Heavy-duty frames significantly reduce the chance of damage during a hurricane.

Ultimate heat block glass package

This filters out 99% of damaging sun rays, keeping your home nice and cool even on the hottest of Houston days.

Reinforced vinyl extrusions

These help the window to be even more weather-resistant .

Strong thick-walled profiles

The stronger and thicker the wall profiles, the more the windows will be able to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Fusion-welded frames

These windows are heat welded together at the corner, keeping air and moisture out.

Sealed, multi-hollow chambers

Two layers of glass mesh together, creating a hollow chamber between the two. This chamber helps prevent moisture build-up and heat from coming through the window.

Dual-pane laminated glass

In between the two layers of glass, there is an impact-resistant plastic layer. This plastic layer can stay intact even if the outer glass breaks. The dual-pane glass protects homeowners from debris penetration. In addition, the laminated glass is an added security feature. It also helps prevent break-ins by resisting impact from hammers or weapons used when an intruder tries to break the window to get into the house.

While some of these features may sound complex, each one is specifically added to the window to make sure it is as strong as possible. Keep in mind, the strength of these windows is a huge benefit all the time, not just during hurricane season. The strength and durability promote security, let in less heat, and keep out moisture. 


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Hurricane Windows and Window Replacement in Houston

Mr. Windows in Houston is your go-to window replacement company. We do everything from glass repair to installing hurricane windows. Remember, our hurricane windows are some of the best in the world! In addition, we offer our services at a price that is affordable to you. Our unique solutions ensure that the window replacements are perfect for your home and specific needs. As spring turns into summer, it’s the ideal time to start preparing for hurricane season. Get one item checked off your list by contacting us to discuss hurricane window installation. We provide all potential customers with a completely free virtual or in-home consultation so that we can discuss the budget and find the right solution for your home. 

If you’ve been through a hurricane in Houston before, you know how scary it can be. Between watching the news in preparation, dreading how bad the storm will be, and rushing to the grocery store to stock up on necessities, the whole process is very stressful. Hurricane windows can withstand strong winds and flying debris. The dual-pane laminated glass and the variety of other features prevent debris penetration, breakage, and glass shattering. These windows can keep you and your family safe. Plus, they will end up saving you money, because you won’t need to replace your windows after a hurricane comes through. Mr. Windows does window replacement in Houston. After our consultation, we work with homeowners to create a plan for installing hurricane windows. For more information about hurricane windows and the installation process, contact us today.

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