6 Signs It’s Time For Window Replacement

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2 panel 8ft smooth white int

Texas windows are some of the hardest-working windows in the business. With an unrelenting climate like ours, it’s easy to forget that windows are exposed to the elements 24/7. It’s impossible, no matter what brand or style of window you have, for it to withstand constant sun, frequent pelting rain, and freezing temperatures indefinitely. Most windows have a lifespan of only 15-20 years. 

At Mr. Windows, we understand you may be hesitant about replacing the windows in your home. We appreciate that window replacement is an investment – but a necessary one. 

Our FREE consultation provides you with an opportunity to ask us lots of questions. It gives us a chance to reassure and advise you based on our expertise and years of experience in this process. 

If you are unsure whether your windows need replacing, here are six tell-tale signs that it is time. 

Call Mr. Windows If You Can See Damage


Often, window damage is noticeable. You’ll see that the wood framing is beginning to chip or paint is flaking. You may even notice the beginnings of mold growth in the corners or see the sunlight coming through small cracks or gaps in the framing. All these issues are pervasive as windows age. Replacing damaged windows shouldn’t be put off for too long. These issues must be addressed as soon as possible to ensure your safety, security, and protection from the elements.  

You feel a draft

You should be able to walk by a window in your home and not feel a drastic change – either in hot or cold. If you feel a draft, there could be several reasons for it: poor insulation, faulty weather-stripping, even a mold build-up. It’s highly likely this draft from your window is kicking your HVAC system into overdrive and costing you money. At the very least, we can inspect the window and determine the cause of the draft. 

Mr. WIndows

They survived a storm

Depending on the type of windows you have, if they survived a storm and look fine afterward, they may very well be sufficient. However, after a storm, especially a hurricane, the damage isn’t always noticeable. Tiny cracks can appear, sealants can be penetrated, and flashing above the window may be damaged. You may also begin to notice condensation between panes of glass. It’s essential to call us in for an inspection to document any storm damage that may have occurred so that you can contact your insurance agent. 

Contact Mr. Windows if they don’t work well

Windows should open, shut, and lock with ease. You shouldn’t have to break a sweat to open a window. You should also not have to use a broomstick to keep one propped open. Most importantly, you should always be able to lock and unlock them. If you have a window that isn’t working correctly, you have a problem. They are not just for curbside appeal. They also provide a certain amount of safety. If you are unable to use your window, that’s a safety hazard. 

Outside has come inside (and not in a good way!)

Everyone appreciates a little light birdsong in the mornings, but if the birds are louder than they should be, or the lawnmower next door seems like it’s inside your living room, you probably have a faulty seal. Innovations in window panes will dramatically decrease outside noise from becoming a distraction. Ask a member of our sales team to show you the latest and greatest we can provide.

You notice an increase in heating/cooling costs

If you live in an older home with single-pane windows, your heating and cooling may be sliding right through the cracks. It may happen over time, but if you notice a gradual increase in your heating/cooling costs, your windows could likely be to blame. Small cracks, faulty sealants, and drafts can run an HVAC system into the red. Replacing old, tired windows with highly-efficient and energy-saving windows can save you between 10%-25% on your heating/cooling bill. Ask us about our energy-efficient windows and the money you may be able to save. 

You may be thinking, “Can’t I just repair my windows instead of replacing them?” Repairing may be appropriate for a window or two; however, if you’re experiencing problems due to moisture issues, or faulty seals, or even condensation between the panes, the repair is not going to address the cause of the problem. 

Contact Mr. Windows Today

Most homeowners know when it’s time for replacement windows. At Mr. Windows in Katy, we are ready to help you through the process of picking out replacements when you’re ready. With our knowledgeable team members, years of experience, and FREE consultation, you can’t go wrong trusting us to help you with your new investment. 

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