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You’ve signed the contract with the Houston window replacement company, and you’ve set a date for installers to come to your home. Now what? You need to prepare your home both inside and out.

First of all, window installers have one primary need: a staging area, whether it’s in your driveway, in your garage, or on your lawn. They will need access to at least one electrical outlet. Think about this before the installers arrive, because you’ll have a good deal of work to do to get ready.

Outside Prepping for Window Replacement in Houston

  • Room for parking. Trucks and trailers with your new windows and the workers installing them will need a place to park. You want to be careful not to disturb neighbors or block their driveways. Let them know what’s happening, and ask if you can arrange to use their driveways while they’re at work. Please make sure the installers’ vehicles don’t leave oil dripping on their property. Also, what if they drop a window in your neighbor’s drive? Someone has to clean up the glass; make sure you know who’s responsible for cleanup.
  • Foundation plants must be considered, including bushes that may be overgrown, plants that workers’ boots could crush, and grass that you want to preserve. The installers will need to place ladders and scaffolding to reach your windows – give them room, at least two feet. After all, you want the new windows to improve the looks of your house. If your landscaping is destroyed and the outside of the house looks like it’s been ransacked by invaders, you will not be happy. 
  • Trim shrubs, cover sensitive plants and let the crew know of anything odd about the exterior of your home. Hopefully, the company has visited your house and advised you of anything you need to do.
  • Move outdoor belongings, like patio furniture and potted plants, away from the house during this time. Again, this is a construction project – give the crew room to move their ladders and equipment.  

Inside Prepping for Window Replacement in Houston

  • Secure your belongings. Make sure all your business and private paperwork and computers are put away. If you have valuables, don’t leave them out in the open. Employees of your window company should not need to worry about them.  
  • Remove all window treatments. Remember that the windows are going away! Remove the hardware from the old windows if you want to rehang drapes and blinds on or around your new windows.
  • Protect your furniture and other belongings from dust and damage. Move anything near or in front of the windows away by at least four to six feet – the workers will need space to work; they can’t be dodging your stuff.
  • The walls will shake as the old windows are removed, so take pictures down and move fragile items to a safe place. Some installers will bring coverings for your furniture; if not, make sure you have them. 
  • How about your floors and rugs? Ask if the installers will put down drop cloths to prevent dust, old paint chips and ancient dirt from getting into your carpets and grinding into your floors. If they don’t provide them, make sure you have them, and insist they be used.
  • Consider moving valuable furniture or other items away from your home, perhaps to a storage facility. Some companies offer “pods” for this purpose, but remember that your driveway should be cleared for window installer trucks.
  • Clear a path through your home for the installers. They will be going back and forth and carrying heavy windows. Don’t make them weave their way around furniture; something will surely break, and you could find dents in your walls. 
  • If you have carpeting, cover it – you can’t expect installers to remove their boots every time they come in the door.
  • Do you have an alarm system on your current doors and windows? Let your alarm company know what’s happening and arrange a visit to replace the alarms after the window replacement job is finished.  

Prepping Yourself and Your Family

  • Be home! You may need to take time off from work, but you (or someone you trust) need to be around while the whole structure of your home is being changed. Somebody must answer questions, and swift decisions are needed to continue progress.  
  • Be considerate of your work team; they are coming into a strange home, trying to do an efficient job of tearing out your old windows, installing new ones, and trying not to damage your belongings. It takes work, and it’s not easy. Anything you can do to smooth the process will benefit you.
  • Don’t stay underfoot. And don’t be bossy! The last thing the work crew needs is to work around you or have you standing on the sidelines directing. It’s not only annoying; it’s also distracting. Most (if not all) questions concerning installation and procedures should be answered during a walk-through ahead of the actual replacement. 
  • This will be a time of extraordinary disruption. Workers will be coming and going through open doors, perhaps for days. And what about your pets? You can’t constantly shout “Watch out for the cat” or “Don’t let the dog out!” Consider boarding your furry friends or “loaning” them to friends or family for a bit to reduce trauma.  
  • And kids? Again, you don’t want the chance that a child will be hurt or that the child will cause chaos on the job site. Who can help?  

It’s too late to prepare when the trucks pull up to your home. 

Window removal and replacement is a dirty job. You may need more preparation work than expected to protect your home. A few extra thoughts here:

  • Check that the windows you wish to be replaced match the dealer’s plans and notes. 
  • Decide whether you want any old windows or trim saved for future use.
  • Above all, make sure your understanding of the entire job matches that of the window dealer.

window replacement Houston

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Selecting the right windows for your home takes time and effort; so does preparing your home. Choosing a professional window company with a top-notch track record can make all the difference in assuring the process goes smoothly. 

Have you called Mr. Windows yet? If not, start there. Mr. Windows is a family-owned business with an excellent reputation that knows how important it is to get the job right. Houston is a beautiful area; let’s make sure you see it through sparkling windows installed with the utmost precision.

You’ve got a lot to do to prepare, but when the work ends and your home is back in order, there’s only one thing left to do: sit back and enjoy your new windows. What are you waiting for? Call Mr. Windows today.

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