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Replacing your windows is no small undertaking; it can be downright overwhelming. As with any sizable project, it helps to know what to expect, and asking questions is the first step to a smooth installation. But do you even know what to ask? Why not start with the basics?

Have you looked at your windows lately? What do you see? Thick grime, streaks you cannot surgically remove with industrial cleaners? 

When you stand in front of your living room window, do you see a milky reflection? And what about your bedroom windows?

Sure, you’d love new windows; who wouldn’t? But how are you supposed to manage that? If it sounds hopeless, it’s because you have yet to call Mr. Windows

Here are some questions to ask your installer to help walk you through the process.

Before Installation 

You would probably best direct the following questions to the sales representative:

  • What’s the best time (season) to install windows? Will the project be rescheduled if it rains on the day of installation?
  • Which are the most energy-efficient?
  • Can I install windows myself? If so, does the company sell the windows without providing the installation?  
  • How long will the project take?
  • Ask about the license and certification of the installers.
  • Are they bonded?
  • Ask about safety precautions. What are my liabilities if someone gets hurt on the job?
  • Is the in-home consultation free? A reputable company will want to visit the premises, take measurements, and give a quote. It could speak volumes of the quality and professionalism of your window company if the estimate is complimentary. 
  • For most, window replacement is pricey. It can help if there is no charge during decision-making. Of course, if there is a fee, you will want to ask how much it is so there are no surprises when your sales rep hands you a bill.
  • Remember to get at least three estimates in writing.
  • What windows offer the most protection during hurricanes?
  • Do you have to replace all windows simultaneously, or can it be one or two at a time? 
  • Who installs the windows? Does the company handle it, or is it contracted out? If contracted, does your company oversee the quality assurance?
  • What does the project include? Ask about the following:
    • Interior and exterior trim
    • Do they supply materials needed such as drop cloths, shop vac, putty knife, and other tools?
    • Do they remove the old windows?
    • Do they clean up after the project and bring their own cleaning supplies?
    • Ask about terms and payment methods so there are no surprises or hidden charges; how much will I pay upfront, and how much upon completion? Note: never pay cash.
    • Does your family have to vacate during the installation? What about pets?
  • What’s needed to protect your furniture?
  • Will the crew need to take breaks? 
  • What kind of paint do they use? Will you have to repaint the walls to match?
  • Remember to ask for referrals and examples of past work.
  • Ask about warranties.
  • I’ve selected the windows and scheduled a date; what’s my next step?

During Installation

  • What labels on the windows verify you’re receiving the ordered product? 

After Installation

  • Can the installer walk you through a checklist of quality assurance? Are there any gaps, cracks, or holes? 
  • Are the windows seated well?
  • Can the installer open and close the windows to ensure the smooth operation of windows and locks?
  • Ask where you can write a review.

As you can see, there are more questions in preparation for window replacements than during or even after the project.

Houston windows

Window replacement is a learning experience, so whatever you do, make a list of questions. Mr. Windows of Houston ensures your questions are answered to your satisfaction before your work begins. 

It’s just as important that we are happy with the result as it is for you to rave about our products and attention to detail. After all, we are a family-owned and operated company, so our priority is a happy outcome for you and your loved ones. We know what it means to have windows that keep the elements out and your privacy in. 

When it comes to installation, we don’t cut corners; it’s not even in our vocabulary. However, we offer the best in the business, work within your budget, and install windows you’ll enjoy for years to come. Our reputation is second to none. 

Now that you know what questions to ask, are you ready to see the world more clearly? Give Mr. Windows a call today. 


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