How Much Can You Afford to Pay for Replacement Windows?

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Replacement windows are an investment in your home, and any investment requires careful consideration. Mr. Windows of Houston is a family-owned business that takes your comfort and security seriously, so we help you choose wisely. One of the crucial decisions to make is whether or not you can afford the upgrade.

Most of us hate wasting money. If the windows keep the cold air, hot air, rain, and snow out, they do their job. However, while your current windows may keep the elements at bay, there’s a good possibility that replacing them is past due.

Perhaps the question isn’t how much you can afford; instead, can you afford not to?

So start by asking yourself, “Why should I splurge on replacement windows?” Because they are an investment – and while there are good options and cheap options, there are no good, inexpensive options. 

One method to decide what you can afford is to ask yourself some basic questions. 

How old are your current windows? How do they look? Are they covered with ten layers of paint over rotting wood? Do they make your house look good? 

What other needs does your house have? For example, do you need a new roof more than you need new windows? Do your current windows cause leaks that need repairing before installing new windows? How big a job will the replacement be?

Are you selling your home, and should you instead spend your money on landscaping to improve curb appeal or are your old windows detracting from your home’s value, no matter what curb appeal tricks you use?

Are you improving your home and hope to live in it for many years? According to Forbes, your windows will last somewhere between 15 to 25 years if properly installed and maintained. Replacing your windows adds to the value of your home, rewarding you at resale on an average of 71%.

How much can you afford to pay? 

Here are a few considerations to get you started: 


Will new windows save you thousands in energy expenses? Most likely, the answer is yes, or homeowners would not replace them. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have you examined your windows lately?
  1. Do your current windows keep out the weather? Check the walls beneath your windows for the marks of water leakage. Water invites mold and decay.
  1. Does air come through the windows even though they are closed? 
  1. How well do your current windows fit in the window opening?  
  1. Can you shake the windows in their frames? Do you have to put plastic sheeting over them in the winter?  
  1. Are you and your family comfortable sitting near the window?  
  1. Are your energy bills much higher than those of your neighbors with newer windows? If you live in similar homes built at the same time, ask your neighbor how much they spend on energy. 

Noise Pollution 

Does outdoor noise come in with the windows closed? Replacing single-pane windows with double panes makes a huge difference, especially if you live in an area with high traffic or industrial noise.


  1. Is the light coming through the windows fading your furniture, curtains, and carpets? Outdated single-pane windows allow ultraviolet rays to enter your home, damaging fabrics, wood, and even skin.  
  1. Are your windows hard to clean and maintain? Many of us remember the years when heavy, wood-framed storm windows had to be hung every fall and removed every spring. Wood frames must be cleaned and painted, and what a job!
  1. Screens in many windows are almost impossible to remove and make it impossible to clean the outside of windows. Old aluminum window frames can be so sticky and hard to move that cleaning is impossible. Can you even open your windows? 


How’s your security? Do you live in an area where security is a concern? Does your business contain high-value inventory or equipment that requires protection? 

A window that doesn’t open is probably the most secure. Other types of windows, like casement windows, will open but are small enough that people can’t slide through. New frames and hardware also add security.


Do you have storm windows? Don’t forget that you live in Houston. Storms are a way of life here, so you’re taking chances if you don’t have hurricane windows. Do your windows bow out when strong winds blow? If so, the safety of you and your loved ones may be in question. 

Future Plans for Replacement Windows

Are you considering selling your home? Stand back and take an objective look. Do your current windows make your house look old and worn? Consider the real estate market. Is it strong enough that investing in new windows will pay you back in a faster sale or higher price? Will new windows make your house the best buy in the neighborhood?

And the big question: how much do the windows you need and want cost? Are you replacing old windows with new ones that will fit into the same space, or are you thinking of using the windows to help remodel the whole house? How specialized are the windows you want? How much work must be done to your home to install them?  

The experts at Mr. Windows will provide you with a free estimate that matches your needs, and we offer several options that complement your budget. 

We want you to think of our windows as a gift to yourself and your family; that’s why we never take shortcuts. We replace your windows with the same quality products and craftsmanship that we would want for ourselves.

Give Mr. Windows a call today, and let us help you see your home in a whole new way.

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