How Replacing Windows Can Change Your Home’s Atmosphere

Here at Mr. Windows of Houston, we’ve never asked what your windows would say if they could talk, but we suspect it would be something like this: “Pst! Hey, it’s me, your window. Open me. Right now! Open me for at least twenty minutes per day.” Unless, of course, you can’t open your windows. In that case, it may be time to consider replacing windows in your home. 

Have you ever considered how much your life might improve if you could breathe or how it would improve the atmosphere in your home if you changed your current windows? The answer is quite a bit.

If you never open your windows, you are choking the life out of your home, and you might not even know it. 

The Downside of Poor Air Ventilation


When we think of air pollution, what comes to mind? Generally, it’s chemicals, gasses, and particles that cause respiratory problems, cognitive ability, and overall well-being. The American Psychological Association refers to it as the “Smog in our Brains.”

If you think about it, many public buildings have little ventilation; therefore, entering those spaces puts you at higher risk for airborne pathogens and pollutants. Places like libraries, some restaurants, banks, department stores, malls, and office buildings, to name a few, are ‌vulnerable‌ to air pollution.

Indoor‌ ‌air‌ is ‌contaminated with moisture, odors, gasses, and dust. ‌When the air quality in the home is poor, your risk of illness increases, especially if other household members are ill. 

Pollutants released from fireplaces, water heaters, gas ovens, and space heaters get trapped in your home.

Is it any wonder that we rarely consider the air pollution inside our homes?

Most of us feel safe in our homes, and we should. We sure don’t think of our living space as compromising air quality, but it does unless it’s ventilated. 

The Upside of Proper Ventilation 


By letting fresh air in, you can dilute indoor air pollutants and improve indoor air quality. ‌If you open windows on opposite sides of a room, you get a cross breeze, allowing bad air to escape and good air to enter.

Since opening your home to the outside is the key to refreshing your home, it’s beneficial to bring as much fresh air into your home as possible. The alternative is to build up toxins that are already in your residence: things like mold, dust, viruses, and bacteria.

Repeat after us: Open the windows; toxins be gone.

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What Happens When You Open the Windows?

Ah, the sounds of nature. Chirping birds; is there anything more delightful? Add a happy bird song to your morning cup of coffee, and you’re starting the day right. You can 

But that’s not all you’ll hear when you open the window. 

Rain! Kick back during a rain shower and listen to the rain on the roof.

And if you’re fortunate enough to live next to a flowing stream, you’ll hear water rushing past the rocks.

What Smells So Good?


We all know homemade bread makes the house smell delicious. 

And no, it’s not the air freshener or the chemicals under your sink that make your house smell good. Open your window and breathe in the smell of clean, crisp air. Not only is it invigorating, but it’s also positive energy. Get those endorphins! Fresh air makes you want to go for a walk, so go ahead. 

There’s more to rain than sound; there’s the smell, or the petrichor. Australian scientists coined the term “petrichor” to describe the distinctive, earthy smell associated with rain in 1964. While some folks claim their arthritis tells them when it’s going to rain, others can smell it.

And since we’re talking energy, opening your windows will kick the energy bills to the curb. On a cool summer evening, turn down the air conditioner!

With fresh air’s benefits, why do so many people stay in their homes with the windows shut? Perhaps they can’t open them – maybe they are painted shut. If that’s the case, it’s time to install new windows. 

The process could not be easier. Mr. Windows has selections to complement every style and budget in Houston. 

The only question is; can you open your windows or not? If you can, then you are ahead of those who cannot. If you can’t open your windows, there’s help for you. Mr. Windows can see to that; let us give you a free estimate. 

There’s no better time to improve the atmosphere in your home; all it takes is knowing who to call. Give Mr. Windows a call today or visit us on Facebook at: