Hurricane Windows Houston

The two questions every homeowner in the Gulf Coast must ask themselves are:

  • Are my windows impact resistant?
  • Can they hold up to the wind speed fluctuations of pressure that a hurricane windows Houston creates?

If you’re not sure how your windows will perform, then it is time to upgrade to Windstorm by Mr.Windows & Doors.

Windstorm by Mr.Windows & Doors is one of the strongest hurricane windows in the world.

They are tested and proven to withstand multiple significant impacts from heavy debris without breaking or shattering.

Built to withstand extreme pressure changes that would destroy standard vinyl or single pane windows.

We install all of our windows so that their seals stay intact even after powerful impacts.


Maintaining a secure seal keeps the ravaging winds of a storm outside and everything inside your home safe.

Upgrading your home’s current windows to Windstorm is the clearest way to protect your home and your life when the next major hurricanes strike.

Double Hung Key Features

windows latchStrong Tilt Latch
In the locked position, the rugged high-performance tilt latch integrates
deep within the wall studs and window sash reinforcement.

Corrosion-resistant Locks
Marine-grade, corrosion-resistant cam locks always remain warm to the touch and are color-matched to the window. Two locks are standard.

Balance System
Operable sash move easily on tightly-wound coil springs that will never need adjustment.

Windstorm Features

Our renowned window is tested and rated for Hurricane zones:

  • Heavy Duty 3 1/4 Frame
  • Includes The Ultimate Heat Block Glass package
  • Reinforced Vinyl Extrusions
  • Strong Thick-walled profiles
  • Precision-mitered, Fusion-welded Frames & Sash
  • Sealed,Multi-hollow Chambers
  • Dual-pane 1″ Impact-resistant Laminated Glass
  • Certified by the Texas Department of Insurance
hurricane windows houston

Impact-resistant Laminated Glass

impact glass Houston windowsWhen it comes to impact-resistant windows for the Gulf Coast, the frame system, laminated glass, and sealant must work together to resist the catastrophic forces applies during severe weather.

You see:

Similar to the glass used in car windshields, the windstorm window insulating glass features an impact-resistant plastic inter-layer that is bonded between the two pieces of glass under heat and pressure.

The inter-layer remains adhered to the glass fragments and resists penetration, even if the glass plane is broken, protect against flying debris and hurricane-force windows.

Home Security Protection

In addition, laminated glass guards against forced entry – resisting repeated impacts from hammers, brinks or similar weapons.

It also helps to control unwanted outside noise from entering the home and filters our 99% of the sun’s most damaging rays that fade carpets and draperies.

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