5 Reasons for Window Replacement in Houston Before Selling Your Home

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There are a lot of checklist items to do before selling your home. If you haven’t replaced your windows in 15-20 years or longer, you will want to do so before putting your house on the market. A new window package can boost the curb appeal of your home. This is especially true if your current windows have noticeable issues like cracked frames or moisture in between the panes. Replacing windows can also increase the overall value of your home. You will easily be able to see a return on your investment with new windows! Mr. Windows offers window replacement in Houston. We provide homeowners a wide variety of high-quality window choices. If you are planning on selling your home soon, consider replacing your windows now! 


Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal 


First and foremost, new windows will boost the curb appeal of your home. Looking at two houses side by side, you can quickly tell which one has new windows and which one has old windows. New windows are free from any cracks or damage around the frame. Also, over time, older windows can get moisture trapped in between the frames. This is unsightly and makes it obvious that your home has older windows. By replacing your windows, your house gets an instant upgrade. New windows will look great in your listing photos. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional to take photographs of your home. They will be able to highlight your new windows so that your listing photos look fantastic! If you decide to have an open house, your real estate agent can mention the new windows to all potential buyers that come through. 


Increase the Value of Your Home


Replacing windows before selling your home can help increase the value. You will be able to list your home at a higher selling price with new windows. When you are ready to list your house, be sure to share with your real estate agent any updates or renovations you have made to the property (including your new windows!). This will help them determine a reasonable listing price for your home. Once your home is purchased, it will be appraised so that the bank can finalize the buyer’s financing. An appraiser will come out to your house and take a detailed look around to determine what they think your home is worth. New and renovated features like updated windows will help your home appraise at a higher value. 


Avoid Potential Inspection Issues 


Another reason to replace windows before selling your home is to help avoid issues during the inspection process. When a buyer makes an offer on a home, they can include various contingencies in the offer. One common contingency is a home inspection. This contingency allows the buyer to get a home inspection within a specific time frame. If something is found that the buyer doesn’t like or can’t afford to fix, the buyer can either choose to void the contract or, in some cases, go back and negotiate with the seller. Old windows will almost always lead to some red flags in a home inspection. If your windows are over 15-20 years old, things like moisture and cracks can be found during the inspection. 


New windows are an excellent investment, but they can also be a costly one. For someone already putting down a lot of money to buy a home, they probably aren’t interested in having to replace windows within the first year or two of owning the home. After the inspection, a buyer could potentially void their offer altogether. Otherwise, they most likely will come back and attempt to negotiate and get the selling price reduced or get you to fix or replace the windows before they move in. Avoid window inspection issues altogether by replacing the windows in your home before putting it on the market.  


Make Your Listing More Attractive 


People love to search home real estate sites like Redfin and Zillow. The best part about these sites is that potential buyers can see pictures of a home and read a bit about the property. The goal of a listing is to make your home seem as attractive as possible. When writing the blurb about your home, you will want to highlight anything and everything that makes your home special. Being able to list that you replaced all the windows this year is very significant for your listing. Potential buyers are always looking to see what has been replaced/renovated in a home, especially if your home is older. The words “all windows replaced in 2021” will be eye-catching and surely attract many potential buyers to your house.

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Be Competitive with Window Replacement in Houston! 


Last but not least, a new window package is something that can make your home stand out and be more competitive. If a buyer is deciding between several properties, something as simple as new windows could be the deciding factor that allows you to beat out other homes. Even though it’s currently a seller’s market and homes are selling quickly, a little boost in the competition never hurts!

Let Mr. Windows Help With Your Window Replacement in Houston


If you are ready to sell your home and are considering replacing your windows, the first step is to find a company that offers window replacements in Houston. Mr. Windows is a family-owned business that pays attention to quality and details when it comes to window replacement. Our installation process is efficient, and our windows are high-quality. We are determined to find the right product for your home and your budget with guaranteed price protection and no hidden charges. For more information about the process and pricing of replacing windows, contact Mr. Windows today.

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