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Your home is lovely, and you’re planning to make some additional upgrades by replacing the windows – or maybe your front door does not show off your home the way you’d like. Mr. Windows services residential and businesses in the Houston area, making your world brighter and more inviting.

Maybe your company’s new building is sturdy and meets your functional needs, but the windows are too small, the front entrance does not meet ADA standards, or your security is lacking.

As you plan, you have an opportunity to think about where your windows should be, their shape, size and design, and how they can enhance your style. Making your home or place of business more comfortable and economical to live and work in reaps benefits beyond initial expectations. It’s not all about aesthetics; custom-built doors and windows have longer lives than their factory-made counterparts. 

Although replacing your current windows and doors with standard hardware may seem like a less expensive option, is it only the cheaper option for the short term? Here are a few things to factor in as you plan:

Changing the Look of the Building

When you remove windows from the building, you can do more than replacing the glass. Whether commercial or residential, it’s your chance to revise the whole look of the building. Is it drab? Does it need more spark? Do you want it to look more modern? Could your Victorian home use a stained-glass window? Could that window in the living room become a sliding door into the garden? It’s all possible now.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Do you need to improve the energy efficiency of your building? How long would it take to earn back the cost of efficient windows as you receive lower electricity bills? How much longer will furniture and draperies last when the sun no longer bleaches the fabric? With a custom window, you can specify a more expansive space between the panes of a double-pane window, and you can even select three panes.  

Sizing Matters

Are your current windows a standard size? In an older building or one built for a particular purpose, you might not even be able to find standard windows. If you insisted on using them, an installer would then need to make your building match the window, building patches to both the interior and exterior. How will that look? Even if the standard windows “almost” fit, the installer will need to use caulk to patch around the window – and you’ll need to keep those areas sealed.

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Sizing Windows for the Weather

How does the weather affect the comfort of your home?  

Can you feel the winter winds and rain inside the house? Moisture is not a good thing, especially when your home is integral to your business or livelihood. 

We’re in Houston – what about hurricanes? 

The worst thing to have is a set of windows that do not fit your home or business correctly.

Customizing for a Wider Range of Clientele 

Does the building in which you do business meet the federal and state requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act? It’s hard to do that with older buildings. Still, when you are replacing windows and doors, you have the opportunity to upgrade your facility and increase your business by making yourself accessible to a broader group of potential customers. 

Making That First Impression

How could a custom door make a great first impression on your visitors?

A custom business entrance shows your clients that you not only think about your needs, but that you think about their needs too. 

For a home, a wood door that complements the design of your home is the ultimate in luxury; it shows you are willing to care for your home. When wood is impossible to use due to climate, a luxurious, custom-made door shows that your home is your castle.

Improving Security with Windows Replacement in Houston

Keeping your family and customers safe is at the top of the list.

Did you know that steel doors are not only for businesses? Home entry doors made of steel can provide both security and elegance, while businesses need the protection they offer.

Metal filigree can give you the security you need for your windows without making your home look like a prison. Just ask us about the options. 

Upgrading Your Design for Windows Replacement in Houston

What if you want larger windows or more windows or fewer windows? When you have your windows custom-designed, they can show off your interiors – the furniture and décor — or allow the beauty of your surroundings to become part of the design of your rooms.   

Choosing custom rather than standard gives you many choices for materials, colors, and finishes. Custom wood windows combine classic elegance with modern designs and efficiency, and in our climate, you may opt for vinyl cladding for your wood windows. You might find that fiberglass windows work better in our climate or even that aluminum may be your best choice for some purposes. Mr. Windows has materials that meet the needs and finishes you desire.

Capturing Your Vision for Windows Replacement in Houston

But how do you know what you want?

Before making decisions:

  • Spend time dreaming.
  • Become an observer; look around your area and take pictures of attractive designs that catch your eye.
  • Look through magazines and go online and do virtual brainstorming.
  • Start a file of everything that makes sense for your space.
  • Consider colors, size, shapes, style, and budget.
  • Take notes of how you feel when you enter businesses. When you sit in a physician’s office, is the setting cold and sterile, or is it comfortable? 
  • Now, look at your space. How do you want others to feel when they come to your home or establishment?

Whether you already know what you’re looking for or you have no idea where to start, our consultants at Mr. Windows are here to work with you. We know Houston, and we know what works. Give us a call and schedule your free estimate today. Let our skilled, no-commission experts help you capture your vision. 

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