How a Houston Window and Door Company Gained Countrywide Recognition

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550 2019
550 2019

How a Houston Window and Door Company Gained Countrywide Recognition

Here in America, we all love a good success story.

As easy as it may seem to grow a business from scratch, the hard work and long hours can sometimes be thankless. In the case of Mr. Windows and Doors in Houston, becoming recognized as a leader in replacement windows and doors has been a long road, but the payoff is being realized in the form of significant industry press.

Mr. Windows and Doors of Houston was recently awarded for a 2nd year in a row the 126th spot on the Remodeling Magazine RM550, a list of 550 of the biggest names in remodeling, replacement contracting, and insurance restoration. Up  8 from 2018 list. This is a landmark achievement for Mr. Windows and Doors, as the company began as a small start-up, run by a family of entrepreneurs who knew that they could do a better job of providing replacement windows and doors to Houston-based homeowners.

A Feather in the Cap

It’s one thing to be told by a customer that he or she loves the new replacement windows and doors. It’s another thing entirely to be singled out as one of the most distinguished providers of remodeling-related services in the country. Luis Colon, General Manager of Mr. Windows and Doors of Houston, had this to say about the recent recognition:

“We knew we were one of the best window replacement companies in Houston and perhaps even throughout Texas. But, to be acknowledged by Remodeling Magazine among over 100,000 national companies really validates the benefits our customers get in working with us. We are honored to be considered one of the best in the country.”

We already call ourselves the best window replacement company in Houston, and now, we can say that our expertise in providing the best products and services in the industry ranks high on a national level. It’s clear that for the best in windows and doors, Houston, Texas homeowners need look no further than Mr. Windows.

What Sets Us Apart

Making the RM550 list comes after years of hard work in establishing Mr. Windows and Doors of Houston as the premier provider of replacement windows and doors for all types of homes. We know that to become a premier Houston window & door company, we had to provide exceptional products and services to stand above all competitors. To achieve this, Mr. Windows and Doors proudly offers the following:

  • Energy efficient replacement windows and doors
  • Built-to-order solutions, not off-the-shelf department store products
  • Free estimate comparisons with any other Houston window company
  • Lifetime warranties for most products
  • Full line of high-quality replacement windows and doors from the biggest names in the industry
  • Proven track record of successfully completed projects (just have a look at our gallery)
  • Broader selection, better customer service, and a higher standard of work, when compared with any other provider

What has made Mr. Windows and Doors the best window replacement company in Houston is now making us one of the most sought-after specialty home remodeling contractors in the nation.

Your Partner for All Replacement Window and Door Projects

Give us the chance to prove ourselves as the best replacement window and door company in Houston, and we’ll show you why our excellent service and unbeatable products have made us the most trusted name in replacement windows and doors. Whether you need your entire home retrofitted with custom-sized windows with odd dimensions, or you need new patio doors, entry doors, or sliding glass doors, Mr. Windows and Doors of Houston is ready to develop a custom solution for you.

It all starts with an assessment of your home, to determine what materials and work are required. After that, we work with your schedule to determine the best time to complete the installation of your new replacement windows or doors. Once we’ve confirmed that your home has gone through our final project completion checklist, we remain by your side throughout the life of your windows or doors, ensuring that your satisfaction is guaranteed long after the installation work is done.

That’s the Mr. Windows difference!

Beyond 2019: More in Store

Even with all of the positive press we’ve been getting, we know there is more work to be done.

Ongoing advancements in window and door manufacturing technology mean the learning is constant, and we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve for our customers. Even though we’ve made it on the RM550 list in 2019, Mr. Windows and Doors of Houston is still dedicated to being the #1 local source for all replacement windows and doors.

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