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How Much Do Window
Replacements Cost?

Replacing old, drafty, discolored, or broken windows is necessary if you want to keep your home looking great and your cooling bill down. To improve the value, efficiency, and aesthetic of your home, replacing your old windows with high-quality windows is the most sensible decision you can make.

The answer depends on a wide variety of factors, so we’ve compiled some key points about replacement windows in this guide. Before making the decision to install replacement windows for your home, you want to be sure you are as informed as possible about all of your options, including the various window styles available to you.

Choosing the best windows for your unique situation involves weighing the pros, cons, and costs of each window solution, while also taking into account the value that is provided by the window company you choose for the project. Replacement windows only function well if they are installed by professionals who can match them to the old window down to the quarter inch, without sacrificing fit or features.

Window Frame Types



Warp-Free Vinyl

Wood & Wood Clad

Choosing The Right Window

To estimate how much your replacement windows will cost you, consider the following six window features. Variations in these features will significantly impact the price you pay for your replacement windows:


Windows with more surface area require more materials to produce, which translates into higher cost.

Frame Material

Depending on which frame material you choose can also impact price. You can choose from vinyl, fiberglass, composite, wood, or aluminum. The most popular are vinyl windows. Our vinyl windows are durable, easy to clean, and can be as energy efficient as traditional windows, depending on other factors.


Window styles incorporate unique sashes, frames, and overall aesthetics that carry with them their own costs. Choosing the window style that works best for you should involve the overall look and feel of the exterior of your home.


Color options, finishes, and textures can be standard or custom suited to your tastes. Choosing a window with a ‘standard’ color will be less expensive than a custom painted color.


Also known as grilles. You have two options. Internal grids are inside the panes of glass. Simulated divided lite (SDL’s) is permanently bonded to both the interior and exterior of the window. They provide the look of individually separated window panes and can be matched with the authentic, historic theme of a house. Choosing to add window grids installed with your replacement windows will affect cost.

Knowing which of these six window features to select can be confusing. This is why it’s important to hire right window company to make sure you’re educated about all of your options and their associated costs.

The goal is to keep your replacement window project within budget while also providing the best fit for your home and functional preferences.

Selecting A Window Company

Once you’ve determined what window size, style, color, and options you want, it’s time to choose a window company. In general, you have three options available to you:


  • Cheapest option
  • Requires extensive training and specialized tools
  • No guarantees on labor or materials
  • Can be costly to correct errors in installation


  • Allows you to screen and select the right personnel for the job
  • The contractor may not be familiar with the windows you choose
  • Can end up costing more if specialized tools or lifts are needed
  • Most contractors don’t exclusively install windows

Mr. Windows

  • All materials and labor are guaranteed
  • Dedicated project managers ensure a smooth installation
  • Can cost less than dealing with a contractor because of unique vendor relationships
  • Local trusted window & door company with a proven track record

Even though you may consider yourself handy with power tools and fairly well suited to completing home improvement projects, it is highly recommended that you choose a qualified window replacement company with experience installing the windows you have selected. Not doing so can present a host of liabilities which could become costly predicaments down the line.

Keep in mind that many contractors are accustomed to providing standard size windows with predetermined dimensions. Replacement windows are custom made for each window opening. Standard size windows installed in an existing window opening can expose your home to leaks and air infiltration due to the window not being custom sized.

By choosing to deal with a full-service window company like Mr. Windows, you are not confining yourself to only purchasing prefabricated windows with ‘common’ sizing dimensions. Instead, you can have your windows custom-sized for a perfect fit.

“ Windows that fit better, function better: they provide better ventilation, easier use, and longer lifetimes. ”

Are you interested in financing your replacement window purchase and installation?

That’s not going to be an option with a do-it-yourself solution, and most contractors aren’t going to be too interested in providing you with attractive financing terms for their labor and the needed materials. If they do, you’re likely to end up paying more in interest than you have to, for a lot longer than you may have intended.

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Cost Estimates For Most
Replacement Windows

Even considering the vast amount of options available for replacement windows, we can help you determine a rough estimate of your costs per-window.

Remember: there is no substitute for a formal quote based on an evaluation of your home’s unique situation; a windows expert from Mr. Windows can visit your home to give you a precise quote. Until then, these costs remain only budgetary and useful for only estimation purposes.

The below table shows estimated costs, per-window, for three tiers of replacement windows: basic, premium, and platinum

Basic Series

are builder-grade windows without enhanced features or functionality. They are high-quality windows insofar as they accomplish the very basic goals of adequate ventilation, operation, and satisfactory aesthetic appeal.

Premium Series

are the product of more advanced methods of manufacturing and more durable materials, resulting in lower maintenance, improved heat blocking, and enhanced styling. Premium windows may also include integrated grids/grilles and guaranteed to not warp.


represent the cutting edge of window technology. This category of replacement windows contains the most feature-rich, longest lasting, and highest quality windows available anywhere. Platinum windows provide maximum durability, optimal ventilation, and exquisite aesthetics.

Window Frame Types


Basic: $500
Premium: $750
Platinum: $1,100


Basic: –
Premium: $1,200
Platinum: $1,400

At Mr. Windows, we pride ourselves in completing every replacement window project with a focus on 100% complete customer satisfaction. In addition, we employ only non-commissioned representatives who are not incentivized to sell higher-priced windows that may not be suitable for you.

We are also a one-stop solution for replacement windows, service, and installation, a unique feature which distinguishes us from virtually every other installer in the metro Houston market. We have programs for customers and contractors, too! So, regardless of what role you play in the selection or installation of high-quality replacement windows, we can help.

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