How to Assess Your Windows to See If They Need Replacement

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Do you know the last time your windows were replaced? Did you know that many windows only have a lifespan of 15-20 years? While replacing windows might be last on your list of home repairs and renovations, it should be at the top. Replacing windows will make your home more attractive, safer, and will reduce your energy bills. Also, homeowners in Houston need to take special care of their windows, since our occasional hurricanes can be very damaging. With those hot Houston summers, it’s crucial to ensure that your old windows aren’t letting in the heat and letting out your AC! At Mr. Windows, we will assess your windows and help you determine whether it’s time to get them replaced. We specialize in window replacements in Houston, TX. Our windows are high-quality and affordable. If you are considering new windows, take a look around your house to determine if now is the time!

Windows Are Over 15 Years Old


Even if your windows look great, if they are over 15 years old, it’s time to start thinking about getting them replaced. Most windows need replacing between 15 and 20 years. If your windows have been through a couple of hurricanes, they might need to be replaced sooner. Sometimes your windows can still look good but can have structural issues, meaning they let in outside air and run up your energy bills. If your windows are nearing their 15th birthday or you have no idea how old they are, call out a window specialist to come check them out. 

Foggy Glass


Foggy windows are not only unsightly; they are also a sign that moisture is seeping in. If your windows are always foggy or worse after a rainy or humid day, there is a good chance that the windows need to be replaced.  



It should go without saying, but if your windows are cracked or broken, it is definitely time for a replacement. Cracked windows are dangerous, especially if you have young children in the house who could get cut by potential broken glass. 



Aluminum windows corrode over time. They also don’t last as long as some other window types. They tend to sustain damage more easily in storms. In Houston, hurricanes and tropical storms lead to high winds and pressure that can easily damage windows. As you look into getting your windows replaced, consider options that are more hurricane-proof.

Cold or Hot by Your Windows


Have you noticed a cold draft coming through your windows in the winter? Or maybe in the summer, you feel extra hot when you are near a window in your house? Unfortunately, this means that your windows are letting in air from outside. High-quality windows should not let air in and should have a strong seal. If you notice temperature changes when you walk by a window, it’s probably time for a replacement. 




Car sounds, sirens, lawnmowers… let’s face it, even the quietest of neighborhoods can occasionally be noisy. Good windows should help keep the noise out of your house. If you find that you can hear more outside sounds lately, it could be time to get some newer and stronger windows.  

Difficult to Open/Close


Are your windows difficult to open or close? While it may not seem like a huge deal, this could actually be a safety risk. Windows that are difficult to open are a fire hazard. In case of a fire, you must be able to quickly and easily open a window to escape. If your windows are hard to close, this poses a security risk. If your windows cannot be easily shut and locked, it leaves your home vulnerable to potential intruders. 

Window Replacements in Houston If  You Have A High Energy Bill


As mentioned above, old windows can start to let the air in from outside. Drafty windows means your cool or warm inside air will seep through to the outside. If you notice that your heat is running all the time in the winter or that your AC never turns off in the summer, it may be because your windows are not adequately insulating. Check your recent energy bills. If they are consistently higher than usual, this is a sign that you need new windows. 


Window Replacements in Houston Before Selling Your Home 

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Last but not least, if you are planning to sell your home, you might want to replace your windows first. New windows give your home better curb appeal and will help it sell faster. People may be more hesitant to buy a home with old windows that they will probably have to replace soon. In addition, you can note your new windows on the listing so that potential buyers know about the recent upgrade!

Window Replacements in Houston, TX


Early summer is the perfect time to start thinking about window replacement in Houston, TX. Get the new windows installed now so that you are prepared for hurricane season and so you don’t spend all summer paying outrageous energy bills. Check your windows for signs of wear and tear, such as foggy glass, cracks, corrosion, and more. If your windows are over 15 years old, call your local window replacement specialist to assess your home. A window specialist can let you know if you need a repair here and there or a full-on replacement of all windows in the house. Mr. Windows Houston has a lot of experience working with homeowners in the Houston area. Our windows are strong, high-quality, and affordable. We get your windows replaced and installed in a timely manner for your convenience. For a limited time, we are offering no payments and no interest for 24 months. Don’t wait another day – contact Mr. Windows today to learn more about our services and replacement windows.  

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