Rebound From Harvey: Hurricane Windows That Will Stand up to Anything

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Houston Hurricane Windows That Will Stand up to Anything 1
Houston Hurricane Windows That Will Stand up to Anything 1

Hurricane Windows That Will Stand up to Anything

Here in Houston, the weather is never certain. But what you can be sure of, is that at some point, we will get hit again by a major hurricane.

Last August Harvey paid Texas a visit. It turned out to be an expensive stop-over.

How expensive?

Around $125 billion in damage making it the costliest tropical storm in US history. But the real cost is in what storms like this do to ordinary people. In particular, it’s the damage to people’s homes that have such a devastating impact. The Texas Department of Public Safety says Harvey damaged more than 185,000 houses – and destroyed 9000 more.

The financial cost of the damage and destruction is only part of the story. Having to move out of a damaged – or destroyed – home is likely to be a traumatic event – especially if you have children. Over 30,000 Texans were displaced by Harvey – a misery that one can only imagine.

The Destructive Power of a Hurricane

Hurricane winds are violent. With speeds up to 215 mph wind damage can be – and sometimes is – catastrophic. How does this happen? How does wind destroy houses?

Very high winds pick up all sorts of objects – trash barrels, tree limbs, roof tiles, garden furniture –  turning them into very fast-moving projectiles.  When one of these projectiles smashes one of your windows your home’s structure has been breached.

And that’s just where your problems begin…

The issue isn’t just the torrential rain that now has access to your home. That breach in your home also lets in violent, high-speed winds. You pretty much now have a hurricane in your house.  

At a minimum those winds are going to tear possessions, furniture, fixtures, and fittings to shreds; at their worst, they’ll put your walls and roof under enormous pressure. Walls can buckle and roofs can be blown off – and that’s the end of your home.

This is the destructive force of a hurricane that has gained access to your house. The key to combatting this is to ensure your windows aren’t breached in the first place. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure you aren’t helpless when the next hurricane strikes.

What You Can do to Keep Your Family and Your Property Safe

There’s 4 ways of protecting your home windows in the event of a hurricane. They vary in effectiveness – only one of them is permanent, practical and extremely cost-effective. As you’re about to see.

Here’s the 4 methods:

    1. Apply hurricane window film – quick and easy to install but it doesn’t stop winds from blowing in your whole window frame. Insurance companies aren’t convinced by this method and you won’t get a discount for using film.
    2. Shield windows with plywood – better than window film but it takes time to install them and attaching them to upstairs windows can be hard work. Worse, if the power fails – and during hurricanes that’s common – your house is plunged into darkness, sometimes for days. Not a nice experience for you or your family.
    3. Add storm shutters – quick and easy to open and close although the guys from television’s This Old House tested these a while back and they buckled under a direct hit, smashing the window behind them. And then in comes the hurricane…
    4. Install Houston hurricane windows – these high-impact hurricane-proof windows are universally agreed to be your most reliable protection against a hurricane breaching your house structure and ripping your home apart from the inside.

Hurricane windows are made specifically to prevent your home being breached by flying debris – and then wrecked by violent winds that enter that breach. They consist of two sheets of glass with a special webbing between them. This webbing prevents the inside layer of glass from shattering – keeping you, your loved ones and your property safe.

Not Just Hurricane Protection

In this case, installing Houston hurricane windows turns out to be the hands-down winner here because, over and above their proven ability to protect your home, they offer all sorts of additional advantages:

  • They’re permanently in place so require no preparation, installing or set-up when a storm is approaching. It’s all taken care of.
  • They reduce the volume of noises outside your home creating a calmer, quieter environment within your house – nice at any time but especially when there’s a storm raging outside
  • The window coatings block 90% and more of UV light which reduces fading of furnishings and decorations within the home
  • Lowers energy bills:  the special coatings on hurricane-proof windows help keep the hot weather out of your home. Which means that your ac unit has to do less work – and so burn less energy – in order to keep you and your family cool.

Installing Hurricane Windows is Easy

Living in Houston, we all know that at some point we’re going to be hit by another hurricane. You can be significantly better protected than you currently are – and at Mr.Windows & Doors, we can help you with that.

Call us now at 713-322-6204 and find out for yourself how a high-impact hurricane windows Houston installation will keep you, your home and your loved ones safe. We offer a free quote with no obligation and no hard sell – just great service from your Houston window & door experts

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