Houston Strong: Keep Your Home Tough with Local Window Replacement

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local window replacement in Houston
local window replacement in Houston

Houston Strong: Keep Your Home Tough with Local Window Replacement

Houstonians have one absolute in common: we love our city, and we are proud to call it home.

We’ve got space, freedom, affordability, lots to do, and a solid community. It’s a great place to live and work, and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. However, as last year’s brutal hurricane season reminded us, Houston’s weather can offer some special challenges – especially for the unprepared.

On the one hand, we have heat in abundance; for around 100 days of each year, temperatures range from 90 to 95°F (and sometimes, they go well over 100°F).

That’s nearly a third of any given year.

And our heat isn’t a dry one; humidity here in Texas can be oppressive, and we all spend some part of our busy lives simply trying to remain cool enough to live to get to and from work, without looking like we just stepped out of a steam room.   

Beyond the heat factor, tropical storms and hurricanes here are no joke.

Strong, sometimes highly destructive winds, plus torrential rain, create conditions that many other cities never ever have to face. Hurricane Harvey’s unwelcome visit left us with a bill for $125 billion worth of damage, in addition to many injuries and, tragically, several deaths.

While Harvey’s 200 mile-per-hour winds may have damaged our homes, by throwing debris against our structures, and, in some cases, flooding them, Houstonians came out stronger, and realized that evolving weather conditions are something which we all need to be prepared for.

Cleaning up our communities and pulling ourselves back up on our feet came with an opportunity to make smart choices, while moving forward, to better protect our homes and families.

In Houston, replacement windows and doors have got to withstand a lot of punishment, including strong winds, torrential rains, strong, persistent heat, and high humidity.

It’s not easy being a window or a door here in Houston!

Requests for affordable window replacement went sky-high after Harvey, as our community realized the importance of having windows and doors that could stand up to such extreme weather.

Thus, storm-resistant windows and hurricane doors in Houston are part of our natural habitat now. And the best of these also seal in our internal environment, so we can keep cool and comfortable in the summer, as well as warm and snug in the winter.

Variety of Durable Window Options

At Mr. Windows, we’ve seen it all.

In working with our neighbors around Houston on replacement windows, we understand that your windows and hurricane doors must protect property, possessions and, vitally, people.

And we know how to deal with it.

As your local Houston window experts, we combine beauty and elegance with toughness and effectiveness. By not being tied to a manufacturer, we also have the widest array of the quality products to offer you.

We stay knowledgeable about the benefits that installing hurricane windows in Houston provide, which includes staying up-to-date, with the best products available on the market.

Our beautiful windows provide strength, durability, and protection, as exceptional choices for Houston’s replacement windows, and their enhanced forced-entry hardware also provides extended protection against insects and other undesirable intrusions.

Hurricane Doors as Additional Buffers

You can never be too protected.

Mr.Windows also offers a comprehensive choice of hurricane doors, such as the outstanding Neuma Hurricane and Impact Rated Patio Doors.

These doors aren’t merely safer than the ordinary; they are also Impact Rated and pass the Texas Department of Insurance certification.

Our Glasscraft doors are approved for installation in Texas Catastrophe areas, meaning they achieve Impact Performance Ratings and Storm Performance Ratings that help keep Texas homes as safe as they can be from torrential rain, ferocious winds, and dangerous flying debris.

If you are concerned about the effects of flying debris during violent storms, these are doors to seriously consider.

Safe and Sturdy Installation

A key factor in ensuring the effectiveness of your new windows or hurricane doors is the technical skill and expertise of your installers. Your home is only fully-protected against wind, water, and other intrusions when windows and doors have been installed correctly.

We’d like to assure you that at Mr. Windows, our team takes your family’s safety seriously.

Mr. Windows takes pride in offering our community members a free quote, if bolstering your home is an important project for you, ahead of the 2019 hurricane season.

As local window replacement experts, we’re also members of the Houston community ourselves, and we promise to treat you like our neighbors.

Mr. Windows Houston is Here to Help

Let us help you find the right product for your home and budget.

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