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There are all kinds of reasons to replace your windows. Which ones apply to you?

  • Curb appeal: Investing in new windows can increase your home’s value. Are you thinking of selling? Will potential sales circle the drain because of old age? Old windows can show their age and make your house look like an antique. Your wallet could take a hit when it’s time to sell if your property looks more like a fixer-upper than a prime location. 
  • Noise reduction: Did you know that noise pollution can harm your health? Some people can live with lots of chaos, but noise can interfere with sleep, which can make you tired and irritable. Unfortunately, your windows can let in more than wasps and bees in the summer; they can let the noise spoil what should be your peaceful sanctuary.
  • Safety: If windows are difficult to operate or don’t open, it can be a safety concern in the event of a fire. 
  • Uncomfortable air leaks: You shouldn’t have to bundle up in a blanket to sit in your favorite chair next to the window. If you find yourself with a stiff neck because of the draft, it’s time to consider window replacement.
  • Improved view: Don’t adjust your lens. It may not be your glasses; it may be your foggy windows. 
  • Energy efficiency: Does your home’s insulation need improvement? If you’re not sure, take a look at your energy bill; is it through the roof? If so, your windows are due for a facelift.
  • Storm safety: Hurricane-force winds are deadly. Make sure your windows are hurricane-ready.

DIY vs. Professional: What’s the Difference?

So what will it be: DIY or professional installation? While some people would never consider DIY, others prefer to do things themselves. There’s nothing wrong with relying on your own skills for home improvement. The reasons for DIY projects vary, including: 

  • Saving money: DIY projects can cost less than buying mass-manufactured items. 
  • DIY can be cheaper if you’re handy, but it can also be more expensive if you don’t get it right. 
  • Learning new skills. 
  • Personal satisfaction: DIY can provide personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement.
  • Mental health: You can experience stress relief, improve your mood, and develop a sense of pride. 
  • Social life: You can spend more time with family and connect with others when they share in the project.
  • Creativity: You can express your creativity and sharpen your thinking. 
  • Exercise: You can’t replace a window from the comfort of your recliner; this type of project demands that you move.

However, there are also some risks to replacing windows yourself: 

  • Injury: There’s always a risk of an accident occurring. You should not attempt this project with children or pets in the house. Also, thorough cleaning of the floors and surfaces is crucial; you want to avoid little feet walking on broken glass, or you could find that a routine trip to the refrigerator can turn into a trip to the emergency room.
  • Mistakes: What if your window is different from a standard size? You’ll have to measure, but what if you measure wrong? You’ll be fully responsible for costly mistakes.
  • Tools and materials: You’ll have higher tools and materials costs. What tools are needed? Try this list for starters:
    • Caulking gun: With sealant to prevent water damage and drafts.
    • Pry bar: To remove the old pane.
    • Power drill: With a hammer to secure new panes into frames.
    • Utility knife: Helpful in scoring the storm window frame’s edges.
    • Paint multi-tool: To remove the frame 
    • Flashing tape: To create a barrier between the window and the wall 
    • Safety glasses: Eye protection 
    • Trim removal tools: To pry the trim.
    • Level, circular saw, nails, framing square, construction adhesive, and lumber: For framing.

Holy Moly! Do you know how to use all those tools? 

  • Warranty: You’ll sacrifice the possibility of an installation warranty. (If you are unhappy with your DIY job, there’s no one responsible for the outcome but you.)
  • You break it, you own it: If a window falls or gets cracked in the installation, you will most likely have to pay for a replacement.

DIY or Professional

Whether you should hire a professional or do it yourself (DIY) for window installation depends on a few factors:

  • Time: If you’re pressed for time, hiring a professional is better. Some DIY projects seem doable, but when it comes down to it, sometimes there’s more involved than expected, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and take more time than anticipated.
  • Experience. If you’re not an experienced window installer, it’s better to hire a professional so you know the job will be done right.
  • Number of windows. The more windows, the longer the project will take.
  • Window design. If the window design is complex, someone with expertise should do the installation.

professional window replacement Houston

Reasons to Hire a Professional

Just as there are many reasons to take the DIY route to replace your windows, there are just as many reasons to hire a professional window replacement company.

  • Quality: Professional installation is usually higher-quality than DIY. Without a high level of skill in carpentry, you stand the chance of it looking like an amateur job.
  • Warranty: Professional installation comes with a warranty. 
  • Efficiency: Professional installation is reliable because it’s precise.
  • Safety: Professional installation can provide peace of mind that you or your loved ones won’t get injured.
  • Energy savings: Professional installation can lead to long-term energy savings. Replacing old windows can save you hundreds of dollars annually.
  • Professional installation is more expensive but guarantees energy efficiency and an extended lifespan. 
  • Home value: Replacing windows can add thousands of dollars to your home’s market value. According to Remodeling’s 2023 Cost vs. Value report, replacing vinyl windows adds an average of $13,766 in value to a home.

When you’ve done your homework and decided that only the best will do, save yourself the time, trouble, and uncertainty, and hire the family-owned business that knows windows. 

Call Mr. Windows in the Houston area today. Let us give you a free estimate and get those windows replaced in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. We do it right the first time, every time.

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