Should I Choose Repaired or Replacement Windows?

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Repair or replace: two words that bring change. Both sound a bit overwhelming, don’t they? But Mr. Windows of Houston is your local expert in all things windows. You may be full of questions, but whether you choose repaired windows or replacement windows, you don’t have to go it alone. 

Before we get to the facts about repairing and replacing, you may need to ask yourself some things first:

  • How handy are you? And can you do any repair work yourself, or must you pay someone else?
  • Roughly how many windows does your house have?  
  • Also, how old are your windows and the house? 
  • Are your current windows “unique” or pretty standard?  
  • How badly damaged are your current windows and the areas around them? 

Whether you repair or replace your windows, if you have water leakage around the window, consider how much damage there’s been and how much work it will be to stop the leak and repair it. You might be in store for much more than repairing or replacing windows.

There are no easy answers to these questions because no two homes are alike, and no two people have the same sets of skills. Once you’ve answered the questions above, your primary considerations will be cost and time.

Repair the Windows If: 

  • You have single-pane windows, and the glass is cracked or broken. Maybe the muntins or mullions are rotted or broken. If so, you don’t need to remove and replace the entire window and frame. 

Maintenance and repair of your windows are critical. Maybe the caulk around the panes or the window itself needs to be replaced. Caulk prevents water from leaking around the window into your home – remember, we’re in Houston, home of tropical storms. 

  • A sash is stuck (too many layers of paint?) or broken on a double-hung window, or the hinges are rusty. Maybe the wood around the window itself is rotted or broken. Remember that windows need to open – this is a safety issue, especially in bedrooms. If woodworking is your thing and you’re handy with tools and have the time, you might be able to take on this job.

Here’s a more complicated question: how old is your house? 

  • A vintage home will have irregular openings that standard windows can’t replace. Any replacements must be custom-made. 

Consider whether the frame is still in good shape and if replacing the glass is possible. Replacing an original window with a modern replacement can negatively impact your home’s value. And never forget: if you live in a historical area, have you checked with the town?

  • If you only need to repair one or two windows. If you start counting the windows to be repaired and get to a dozen or more, you’re looking at months or years of work, especially on an older home.
  • If your skills are not up to window repairs, check for window repair companies in your community.

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Replacement Windows in Houston Are a Good Choice If:

  • Your windows are hard to use. Think about this: could your child open the bedroom window in case of a fire? Do you raise the air conditioning rather than fighting with the windows? As a result, how much does that increase your energy bill?
  • Your home is old enough (built before 1960) that lead paint may be covering the windows. During repairs, sanding and chipping away at lead paint is hazardous, and only qualified personnel should perform the work. Replacement may be safer and cheaper.
  • Do your current windows protect your home from Houston’s tropical storms and hurricanes? Hurricane-impact windows can protect your home and prevent costly damage.
  • You have double- or triple-paned windows and there’s fog between the panes because of broken seals. Maybe the broken muntins or mullions are between the window panes.
  • You’re selling your house and need to improve your home. Replacing old wood or aluminum windows can increase curb appeal and marketability. 

Other Considerations 

If the windows are in poor condition, even if you offer an allowance for new windows, the buyer will face the inconvenience and mess of window replacement in their new home. Buyers want to know about post-sale costs and will be concerned about the impact of poorly fitting and drafty windows on utility bills and storm protection. 

Buyers will likely ask for a home inspection – will your windows pass the test? A failed home inspection puts pressure on you to replace the windows quickly since your house now has a bad record. Your costs are going to increase. 

  • Consider the security of your home. How easily could an intruder enter your home? Do your current windows even lock? Some windows, like casements, can be too narrow for anyone to squeeze through. As a result, windows with sturdy locks and double or triple panes are more secure. Remember that you also want to be able to get out of critical windows in case of an emergency.
  • You need to reduce outside noise. New windows can reduce the noise if you live on or near a busy street, an airport or military aviation base, or even train tracks. Choose double or triple panes.
  • You need to improve energy efficiency.  

Repaired Windows or Replacement Windows?

As you can see, there’s no fast answer to the question of “Should I repair my windows or replace them?” As a result, your best bet is to seek consultation with experts who can answer your questions honestly. 

Other factors will influence your decision, namely whether or not you want new windows. Perhaps you like the ones you’ve got now. There are all kinds of reasons to change windows. It’s up to you. 

In the Houston area, your choices are many, and you’ve got Mr. Windows to turn to for help in making the right choice. 

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the choices. After all, half the fun of revamping your home is envisioning the result. Give Mr. Windows a call today.

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