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When it’s time to upgrade those windows at your home or business, let’s put safety front and center, shall we? But what are we talking about when we say “safe”? Let’s confine our discussion to two critical factors: safety from severe weather and security.  


Houston Weather


Houston is prone to severe weather, including thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and occasional flooding, particularly from June to November, the hurricane season. Along with heavy rain, hurricanes and tropical storms can bring strong winds and storm surges, posing significant risks to the area. 


In 2017, Hurricane Harvey dumped over 30 inches of rain on Houston. Hurricane-force winds blew water around and through weak, old, and poorly installed windows that might otherwise have withstood storm damage if their windows had been prepared.


When installing windows designed to withstand severe weather, you’ll want the best, and the best is what you’ll get at Mr. Windows. In addition to windows that offer protection against storms and hurricanes, your added protection comes from expert craftsmanship.  


Windows that resist breaking and stay intact even when they’re shattered are what you’re looking for in the Houston area. These include impact windows – or, to be more specific, windows that are:


  • Designed to endure strong winds and protect your home from flying debris.
  • Help to stabilize the building by reducing the sudden pressure changes that can occur when a window blows out during a storm.


Hurricane windows are often constructed to meet specific building codes and local requirements, including those from the Texas Department of Insurance. In addition to window protection from hurricanes, impact and hurricane windows also provide noise insulation, block UV rays, and provide additional home security.


Here’s more information about these windows:  https://www.thespruce.com/how-much-cost-will-a-hurricane-resistant-window-add-844562




In the realm of home security, every detail counts. From state-of-the-art alarm systems to hardy door locks, homeowners continually look for ways to reinforce their shelters against potential threats. Thus, the question you should be asking: is it time to replace your windows?


If you haven’t thought about your windows lately, now’s the time. There’s nothing more precious than what’s inside your home. No, we’re not only talking about expensive valuables; we’re talking about the people you love, and there’s nothing more important than keeping them safe. 


Have you looked at your windows lately? Have you considered whether your windows could keep a stranger from entering your home? Do all your current windows even lock? If not, then it’s time to consider window replacement.


By investing in window replacements, you not only enhance the curb appeal of your home but also improve its structural strength. Modern windows are built with advanced materials like reinforced glass and sturdy frames, making them far more resilient against forced entry attempts.


Security Options


Home window safety begins with choosing a window style and additional options.   

Of course, there are several choices, and there are some window types that provide better security:


  • Casement windows. These have a solitary glass pane connected to hinges along one edge. They have an interior lock for security and a convenient crank tool for effortless window operation. Also, casement windows may include screens and even storm windows. Because they are narrow, they are harder for intruders to enter and can only be opened from the inside with the crank. If you choose casement windows, remember that they need room to open to the outside.  
  • Double-hung windows. These consist of two windows that can move up and down. They lock from the inside. 
  • Sliding windows. These two big glass panes move horizontally, parallel to each other. They need to be more secure; people often put a broomstick or other rod in the bottom track to keep an intruder from breaking the lock and opening the window.  
  • Picture windows. These windows don’t open, so they can only be entered if the glass is shattered. Often, a picture window will be combined with casement windows at the side.  
  • Skylight. Installed in the roof, a skylight brings light into often-dark places like attics, lofts, or bathrooms. An intruder would need to climb the roof to break the window and enter.
  • Glass block windows. Like picture windows, these are fixed and often found in basements or bathrooms where you need light and privacy. They’re installed right into the house’s wall, so they are usually very secure.



Ultimately, the security of your cherished home lies in the soundness of its windows. Recognizing them as potential weak points highlights the need to take action. 

Investing in sturdy window solutions isn’t merely a choice—it’s a step toward preserving your haven.


 Mr. Windows is your first defense in standing firm against any potential threat. 

With options and payment plans designed to make your windows replacements as customer-centered as possible, your search for the perfect solution is just a phone call away. Call Mr. Windows today; our skilled technicians are standing by to give you a free estimate and walk you through the process.


By prioritizing the durability of your windows, you’re improving the security of your property and loved ones and promoting a profound sense of peace. 

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