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Is it time to replace your windows? Asking yourself some questions may help you decide. 

According to Mr. Windows, two main factors influence your decision and should influence your choices – the choice of window and the choice of window supplier and installer.  

First, Safety Considerations for Window Replacement in Houston

The safety of your family comes before all else. Your windows can offer protection or make your loved ones vulnerable.  

  • When hurricanes, high winds, and rain threaten Houston, it’s the job of your windows and doors to keep your family safe and dry. These days, it’s possible to install hurricane-resistant glass that is shatterproof.  
  • Unlike inclement weather, we can’t always predict unforeseen tragedies. Fires and floods can trap your loved ones with little or no warning. Can they get out? Will your windows open when needed?
  • At Mr. Windows, we make you our top priority. Replacing your windows isn’t all about efficiency, although that’s a good reason. Summer in Houston means beautiful greenery, but it also means brutal heat, which can be hard on a house – particularly windows. We are referring to wood rot and hidden moisture seeping into the home. To the naked eye, it’s nothing a coat of paint can’t fix. But to the seasoned professional, it can mean long-term damage if not addressed.
  • How safe is your home? The humidity can cause mildew and mold in the window frame that seep into the home’s interior walls. Old windows are prone to condensation, and this moisture can encourage mold growth. Using bleach solutions and wiping the wetness from the windows constantly can only take you so far. 
  • Mildew and mold can cause health issues ranging from headaches and eye irritation to kidney failure, cancer, and death. While some things can combat the problems, the results are often only effective in the short term. Since moisture causes mold, installing new windows should be considered a form of prevention. Replacing windows is much cheaper than replacing your walls. Before your windows start making you sick, check into getting them replaced!

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Second, Financial Reasons for Window Replacement in Houston

You’ve invested a lot of money into your home. You need to protect that property.

If your home is your castle, your windows are the weak spots in the walls. Wood rots; aluminum and vinyl deteriorate – nothing lasts forever. And everything has a cost. If you do not replace your windows, what’s the price?

  • Houston has hurricanes – we all know that. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey dumped over 30 inches of rain on Houston, and hurricane-force winds can blow water around and through weak, old, or poorly installed windows.
  • No one wants to pay exorbitant prices because it cuts into other living expenses. Just think, saving on the bills means saving money for that summer vacation. 
  • Can your old windows keep intruders out? Can you even lock them anymore? No one wants uninvited company in the middle of the night.
  • Did you know the sun can ruin your furniture? This one kind of sneaks up on you. You may not even notice because one day, the furniture is vibrant and inviting. The next, it’s faded and tired looking. 
  • When the fierce summer heat makes the outdoors impossible to endure, does all your expensive air conditioning leak through the windows?
  • When you look at your home – or when you plan to sell it – do those old windows with their peeling paint or corroded aluminum surfaces detract from the appearance of your house? Maybe you don’t need a new home – perhaps you need to transform your current house.

You may be thinking you can wait one more season, and no one would blame you. It’s expensive to make structural improvements to your property, especially when so many other needs demand immediate attention. But can your family wait? 

If you’ve begun to ask yourself these questions, you’re ready to replace your windows and doors. Buying and installing replacement windows is a massive investment in your home. Now you need to look at the dozens of replacement window companies in Houston and decide whom to trust.


So, why should you choose Mr. Windows?

  • Mr. Windows and Doors is family-owned and operated. Not everyone can say that. When a business is family-owned, there’s a personal touch. 
  • We are more than mass-produced products. We are service-oriented.
  • If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.
  • We assure attention to detail in every custom design and installation.
  • We use quality materials.
  • And we take pride in being the best. 

We know that windows don’t last a lifetime, especially in the Houston environment. So our windows come with a lifetime warranty. 

Give Mr. Windows a call today. See for yourself how window replacement in Houston can offer a whole new way of looking at the world. 

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