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Replacing the windows in your home can help improve the overall look and feel of your house. But there’s a lot you need to consider when getting window replacements in Houston. Choosing the wrong size, style, or material could mean a costlier and lengthier process that doesn’t enhance your home. Whether you’re replacing windows to improve efficiency or are getting your property ready to sell with a fresh makeover, quality window replacements in Houston take some research to get it right.

Checklist for Window Replacements in Houston

When it’s time to replace your windows, you need to know what you should look out for. Getting the right windows for your property is about more than just making sure the size fits. There’s a lot to consider, and what might work for one house isn’t necessarily going to be the right choice for another. Your window replacement technician can help you understand what windows are best for you, depending on the needs of your property.

Window Size

Making sure you order the right window size is probably the most crucial step in the window replacement process. If you don’t have the exact measurements, then you’ll end up having to wait (and pay for) a new order with the right size. Measuring windows can be tricky, and where you measure depends on if you’re replacing the whole window or just the glass. To make sure the measurements are accurate, it’s always recommended that you have a free window replacement consultation where a professional measures the windows for you.

Window Material

Both the frame and the glass for windows have a few options to choose from. Typically, wooden window frames are considered the ‘gold standard,’ but they are costlier and require more maintenance. Vinyl frames, on the other hand, may not look as good, but they are more cost-effective and easier to clean. The frame material you choose should depend on the house you have. Older houses typically increase in value with wooden frames, whereas more modern houses can get away with vinyl without losing too much equity.

Your glass choice, too, affects window replacement. Standard glass is cost-effective and easy to order for any size of window, but getting tinted, safety, or tempered glass can enhance the look and feel of your property. Keep in mind that you can also get a double-pane window. While the additional layer of glass will raise the cost, they’re much more efficient when it comes to keeping temperatures and sounds out.

Window Style

While the material plays a part in how your windows look with your home, the style of your window does as well. If you’re only replacing one window or one floor, you’ll want to keep the style that matches the rest of your property. But if you’re going for full window replacements in Houston, you can choose a new style that may enhance your home’s appearance. Typically, the type of home you have (and thus the building elements present) will help narrow down which styles are the best options.

For older, more traditional homes, common window styles include:

  • Single or Double Hung
  • Awning
  • Bay or Bow

For newer, more contemporary homes, common window styles include:

  • Casement
  • Picture or Fixed
  • Sliding or Gliding

If you’re looking for windows that are unique for your property, there are also specialty windows that come in many shapes and sizes. While these are more expensive to produce, they do add a certain charm to many homes.

Energy Performance

How well your windows perform in terms of energy costs and savings is crucial, especially in warmer temperatures. Keeping out the heat and light can help reduce your overall energy bill, even if the initial cost of window replacement is higher. There are three main factors to consider when purchasing windows for their energy efficiency.

U-Value – The U-value determines how effective your windows are at blocking UV rays. While this is different from the heat-blocking property, it’s still an important element. Ultraviolet rays can cause rugs, carpets, and furniture to fade over time. The higher the value, the more efficient the windows are at blocking out the UV rays.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – Windows on the lower end of the spectrum are better at blocking out heat, keeping your home cooler without increasing energy usage. Values range from 0-1, but even a small increase or decrease in the value can have a big impact.

Visible Transmittance – This factor determines how much light passes through the glass of your windows. The more light that passes through, the more the sun can affect your home and how your home can affect your yard.

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Maintaining your windows is key if you want to avoid costly window replacement every other year. Proper cleaning and repairs can keep your windows fresh and in good shape longer. When picking out windows, consider what the maintenance will look like. For example, if your windows don’t open easily or tilt back, cleaning the outside can be difficult if the windows aren’t on the ground floor.


Windows can let nature into your home, but they can also be access points for break-ins. Having the right security is crucial to keeping yourself and your property safe. Typically, casement windows are considered some of the safest windows on the market because they open outward, making it more difficult to breach from the outside. 

Where to Get Quality Window Replacements in Houston

When it’s time to replace the windows on your property, you want someone qualified and experienced on your side. At Mr. Windows and Doors of Houston, we’re here to help you get quality window replacements in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency or are getting a property ready to sell, we have windows to fit every need. To schedule your free consultation and learn about our financing options, give us a call at 713-597-6382.

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